This afternoon we received a new banger from Rick Ross, "I Wonder Why," in which he raps about the 'Stand Your Ground' law, in somewhat of an ode to Trayvon Martin. In a separate interview with Power 106's Rikki Martinez, the rapper addressed his thoughts on the law, expressing his anger with the Trayvon verdict, a sentiment also expressed in "I Wonder Why."

When Rikki asks Rozay about the supposed Florida boycott and the law in question, he responds, "That's my city and as far as the whole Trayvon Martin situation, I'm angered, I'm upset, I'm bothered by that. When I get back home I'ma really look into the whole situation and just see realistically how long could that take. 'Cause I believe we are make a change, we are make a difference. But I'm thinking about the streets, my city at the same time. I just wanna do what's best for whole the movement. "

Ross continued to say that his team was working on "some things" in an effort to ensure Trayvon's name will live on. It's possible he's talking about his new single.

"And we'll never let Trayvon Martin's name die out, we refuse to do that, and we got some things we're working on my side. Everybody keep doing what you can, to keep the voice alive, and the whole movement. It's time for us to really make a difference."

Listen to the new track, and watch the interview clip below.