MMG took a trip to New York recently and visited Hot 97. While on Funkmaster Flex's radio show, MMG Boss Rick Ross explained what happened with Pill.

Ross said he was obligated to work with the MMG affiliated rapper for a year, "When I did my label deal over at Warner,Meek MillWale was who I was bringing to the table," Rozay explained, "When I sat down to do my deal, they had Pill as an artist already there. They just thought he may have needed a little work or whatever and we could've got that in with the team. So, we worked out a one year situation."

Ross says he unsure what the future holds for Pill, whether his album will drop through Warner, "I'm not even sure if it's still going to come out through Warner. I'm not really sure what final decision they made with him but the year ran its course with MMG."

Ross also clarified rumours that there were problems between him and Def Jam, "Me and Def Jam [are] one hundred...Over the last year, I quadrupled my net worth."