Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and like that, the New England Patriots have added another ring to their collection. Though many conclude the game itself to have been rather uneventful, a win is still a win. Though they may be desensitized to the process by now, that hasn't stopped the Pats from celebrating their accomplishment. Purists till the end, the divisive team has continued a longstanding tradition, which involves partying with none other than Rick Ross

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

TMZ has shared footage of Renzel raging alongside Pats players Ja'Whaun Bentley and Trey Flowers, bringing the Port of Miami to a Boston establishment. Rozay's Pats love is well documented, and fans likely remember his infamous dance-off with the drunken master himself, Gronk. Of course, Rozay will likely never forget the Pats 2017 victory, which ultimately found him vomiting profusely after a Gronk-led bender. Check out the recent footage below, which finds Rick Ross in full boss mode, basking in the glory of his borderline unstoppable team o' choice.