Rick Ross is still working the promo for his just-released album God Forgives, I Don't. The album officially dropped yesterday, and Ross hit up Power 105.1's Breakfast Club this morning to discuss the album, various MMG members and their projects, the BET ban on the video for "Hold Me Back," (which has now been lifted), rumors of Trina joining the crew, and the Bawse also broke down songs off the album.

When asked why BET had banned Rozay's video for "Hold Me Back," Ross said it wasn't based on the visuals, but either way, they've sorted it out and it will be played on BET: "Just based on the content, you know what I'm sayin', of the record, not as much the visuals. And I respected that, but we worked it out, super, super, clean BET-edit is on deck."

News has also been circulating the web of Ross' newest purchase, a Maybach coup. Although many thought Maybachs were no longer being sold, Rozay explains they're just discontinued for public sale. "What they did was discontinue them for public. You won't just roll up to the car lot and cop you one, but you could privately order a whip." Ross said of his new car, "It's a coup, 1.2 mill, it's a two-door."

Ross also clarified rumors of Trina joining the MMG team, "Nah, not yet," Rozay said. "She was in the studio with us a few weeks ago," he continued, "I'm still a fan of hers, and you never know, it's a huge possibility, we spoke about it, but right now I gotta focus on my team."

His team, including Meek Mill, whose debut Dreams & Nightmares is the next anticipated project from the MMG roster. It's supposed to be dropping on August 28th, but Ross remained vague when asked about it. "He coming soon," he said, "He coming real soon, he still puttin' the final touches on his debut, making sure it's a classic, and that's what it definitely will be."

Among the most anticipated records off GFID, was the collaboration with Andre 3000, "Sixteen," and "Diced Pineapples" with Wale & Drake. Ross spoke on both cuts during his interview with the Breakfast Club. On recording "Sixteen" with Three Stacks: "We did a lot of skyping for the record, and we just kept going back and forth for a long time. We just wanted it to be something special, I know I wanted it to feel Outkast-ish, from that era, and we just did our own thing. I think it was dope."

On how the idea for "Diced Pineapples" came about, Ross reveals pineapples is his favorite fruit, and he began eating it every day after his health scares. "What it was, was when I got out the hospital, they wanted me to drink more water, and I had to eat more fruit, and I was like, 'yo, this go against what I do, man.'" He continued, "It was just time for me to make them changes, just on the real, I had to respect it at this point. I chose the pineapples, and I began eating them every morning when I woke up. And just sitting there, I just really got to really reflect on things can change real fast on you, so sometimes you just gotta sit down and appreciate the things you really appreciate. It started to be a dope idea and I just put a spin on it."

Watch the full interview below.