There is no denying that Dwyane Wade and Rick Ross are two of Miami's biggest legends. Ross has carried Miami on his back when it comes to the rap game, while Wade was able to bring three NBA championships during his tenure with the Heat. The two are great friends and today, a 51-minute conversation between the two was posted to YouTube in the form of the first episode of GQ Sports' new show "One on One."

Ross and Wade talk about a plethora of topics throughout the video, including their legendary careers and path to success. Glory didn't come easy for either of these two and they let the viewers know some of the behind the scenes struggles. It's a phenomenal conversation that ends with Ross asking Wade if he would ever be interested in owning an NFL team with him. The question seemingly comes out of nowhere but surprisingly, Wade was completely on board.

“Let’s say the opportunity presented itself,” Ross said to Wade, “and we had the opportunity to buy ourselves an NFL team. Is that something we move forward on, or don’t?”

“I move forward on it,” Wade said. “I move forward on it. 100 percent”

“I’m glad,” responded Ross, who then shook hands with Wade. “I’m glad. ‘Cause I damn sure didn’t want to have to finance everything without you.”

“That’s exactly why I move forward on it, right?” Wade asked. “I go in with, ‘Hey, if I’m gonna do this, I need this opened up for others.’ I don’t want to be the only one at the table. I never want to be the only one eating well. I want other people at the table, so I can have a great conversation with everybody and everybody doing well.

“So for me, if that opportunity ever presents itself, I would do it, but I need the ability to be able to bring some others with me, so once we get in there, whatever change, whatever we’ve been talking about, we can do it together. We can create this, we’re stronger in numbers than we are by ourselves, so that’s the only way I would do it. But I would love to.”

These two would have to put together billions of dollars if they ever wanted to buy an NFL franchise, although it would certainly be a great investment. Imagine if the Miami Dolphins were owned by Ross and Wade. Now that would be a story.