Rich The Kid is someone who's all too familiar with the jewelry game. He has a song called "New Freezer" and to celebrate its release, the rapper reportedly dropped $200K on a new piece for his jewelry collection. For the most part, he seems to be someone who Drew Brees should possibly take advice from when it comes to the jewelry game. The rapper recently spoke on Drew Brees' recent issues with the jeweler and had some solid advice for him moving forward.

TMZ recently caught up with Rich The Kid in Atlanta where they asked the rapper about Drew Brees situation. Brees recently copped a ring that he allegedly paid $8M for but after getting it appraised, turns out it was only worth $3M. Rich The Kid said that Brees indeed got finessed by Vahid Moradi, the jeweler that sold Brees the ring. In terms of how to handle it moving forward, Rich The Kid said that "he needs some gangstas with him." 

Rich The Kid's advice seems for fitting for rappers than it does for athletes but hey, if you're getting played out of $5M, it might be worth having some guys around you to make sure it doesn't happen. However, Brees has since taken legal action against Vahid Moradi on the case so hopefully, he'll end up getting his money back.