If there’s one rapper out there that shows unfaltering consistencyin his melodic style and lyrical flow, it has got to be Gucci Mane. The seasoned Atlanta rapper’s newest mixtape, Trap God 2, unveils the same playful energy as Chicken Talk, which he put out in 2006—a mere 27 mixtapes ago. As for Trap God 2, Gucci’s classically lively beats and vocal intensity is back. Unlike some of his first releases, however, his tracks are now bolstered with some of the most notable features in the game—such as Lil Wayne, Lloyd and Wiz Khalifa.

As a relative veteran in the swag movement, Gucci Mane’s Trap God 2 scratches that itch to just let loose. At the very least, the mixtape’s rowdy beats will get you moving a little bit. Although Trap God 2 is underscored by persistently animated beats in its entirety, the numerous features on the mixtape work well to establish a dynamic pace to the 23 tracks. For instance, the first song, “Break Dancin”, plays off of Young Thug’s aggressive vocal style, as it is underscored by high pitched synthesizers and an incredibly heavy bass line. While “Break Dancin” certainly grants Gucci Mane with the fitting title ‘Trap God’, the following track, “Fly Shit”, enjoys the same sense of trap melody while at the same time embracing Lloyd’s softer R&B touch.

All in all, Gucci Mane’s Trap God 2 stays true to trap, boasting consistentlyenergetic beats, while being accompanied by a variety of prominent artists. The Southern rapper has released yet another mixtape that does not veer away from his initial style. So, Trap God 2 does not only display authentic Gucci Mane at its heart; it’s also authentically trap.