Remy Ma's been in hot water ever since Brittney Taylor accused the rapper of assault. The rapper turned herself in to authorities yesterday for the allegations but unfortunately, it seems to have sparked another investigation.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Remy Ma's recent arrest has sparked an investigation into a possible parole violation. Remy was his with a misdemeanor assault charge yesterday for allegedly punching Taylor in the face. Although Remy's lawyer claims it's all lies, it still sparked a probe by the New York State's Divison of Parole. Remy's been on parole since 2014 after she was released from a six-year bid connected to a shooting. 

Sources claim that parole authorities are looking into the assault case. If it's found that she violated parole, it could be revoked and she might face additional jail time.

After turning herself in yesterday, Remy Ma bailed out but the judge imposed some rules. Remy isn't allowed to have any contact with Taylor and she also has an 8 PM curfew to abide by.

Remy's lawyer issued a statement yesterday, claiming her client was at home taking care of her four-month-old baby when the alleged attack occurred. "She’s going to fight this to the end,” she said. The lawyer did admit that Remy was at Irving Plaza but insisted she was home by 9:30 p.m. to be with her family."