Remy Ma's found herself in some trouble with the law following an alleged altercation at Irving Plaza earlier this year. TMZ reports Remy Ma has been arrested by police over the alleged attack of Love & Hip-Hop Star, Brittney Taylor, who claimed the "Wake Me Up" rapper clocked her in the face. 

Remy Ma surrendered to authorities earlier today (May 1), accompanied by her lawyer. Sources claim that she's been charged with misdemeanor assault.

Taylor claimed that she and Remy Ma punched her in the face backstage at Pretty Lou's annual benefit concert. Taylor previously alluded to be preparing to file a civil lawsuit against the rapper. Last month, she requested that the police preserve all of the evidence from the alleged assault including surveillance footage. 

Taylor told her side of the story after the incident. As she told it, Remy Ma punched her in the face after she told the rapper that she saved Remy's step-daughter from getting beat up from a man during Spring Break.  “What happened with me and Dej in Miami is I saved her—I saved her life, and [Remy] got aggressive [when Britteny told her at Irving],” she said. “She was like, ‘That’s not what I heard,’ and she punched me in the face."

Taylor's attorney said that she "will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities."