It's a well-known fact that rappers love to be in the studio all day, every day, especially at weird times of the day. This can also be a costly venture, if you have to pay for studio time. Busta Rhymes is finding out just how costly it can get, in a new lawsuit from Paramount Recording Studios. Apparently Bussa Bus hasn't paid his bills, and owes the studio a massive amount of money. They're suing the rapper for $70,300.

The lawsuit, filed by Paramount Recording Studios, states that Busta Rhymes used up nearly 375 recording hours from 2011-2012 and never paid a cent. Now the studio is suing Busta to get their money back.

The legal documents laid out Busta's recording sessions, which totaled 35 sessions, and mostly when from overnight/late evening until early in the morning.

No word from Busta's camp on the suit as of yet.