Last night, Rick Ross performed a controversial show in the Republic of Suriname, a country in northern South America bordered by French Guiana, Guyana, Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn't the smoothest trip. 

As reported by AllHipHop, the show, which took place at the Andre Kamperveen football stadium in the capital city of Paramaribo, was highly contested by local pastors. They tried to organize a boycott, calling out Rozay for both violence against women and Satan worship. They also tried to have his visa withdrawn. 

Fortunately for Ross, he has connections in the country - former Surinamian rebel leader Ronnie Brunswijk, for example. Brunswijk, who fought against military dictatorship in the '80s, is now a powerful local politician who owns several local sports teams and a goldmine. He has a history of violent outbursts and assaults, and has been sentenced in absentia for his involvement in a drug trafficking ring in the Netherlands.

Brunswijk also owns and operates the promotional company that brought Ross to Suriname, and used the performance as an opportunity to bid for the country's 2015 presidency, throwing a handful of $100 bills into the crowd after making the announcement. Unsurprisingly, Rozay immediately co-signed him and insisted that all those present vote him in.

That is all. Peep a map of the country and a few photographs of Brunswijk in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more belligerence from William Leonard Roberts II. It's bound to happen.