Lizzo's now-infamous outfit at the Lakers vs. Minneapolis game was met with a mixed reactions. Some applauded her for her confidence in wearing a thong to a Lakers game while others simply stated that they believed this was inappropriate. It's a sports event so there are many children in attendance and showing off your ass at a public sporting event might not be the best move.

TDE's Reason made it clear that he wasn't entirely down for Lizzo's fit last night. The rapper aired out his feelings over a series of tweets addressing the thong dress at last night's game. "iight bruh I’ve had enough," he wrote in one tweet. "Like that’s not body shaming, you just doing too much," he continued in a follow-up tweet.

As he fielded fan tweets regarding the topic, he made it clear that he just didn't think it was appropriate at a family-friendly event. "Idc bro I’m fed up, put some fuckin clothes on at an nba basketball game where kids are," he continued. 

Lizzo, who's a big fan of the Minnesota Timberwolves, was spotted on the fan cam on the jumbotron. What was once a wholesome moment turned PG-13 real quick after Lizzo turned around and began twerking with her ass-less dress. The camera ended up having to cut away immediately for obvious reasons.