It's been nearly a year since Ralo was arrested on conspiracy charges. The rapper's been sitting behind bars since then but it appears that he's staying optimistic. Ralo's team, who've been making sure his music and name is alive in the streets, released a statement through his Instagram earlier today with an update on his case.

Ralo's team said that the feds offered the rapper a five-year plea deal in his conspiracy case but the rapper didn't fold or bend. They said that he rejected the offer which seems to be an indication that he's ready to take the case to trial and he's confident he'll beat the case. 

"The Government offered him 5 years on his birthday, he smiled laughed, got off the phone with his lawyer and fed his entire dorm bags of commissary... Real n***as don’t fold he will be out this year #iPromise #FreeRalo," the caption reads.

Ralo already pleaded not guilty to four federal counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana in May 2018. Police said they found 440 lbs. of weed on a private jet he was on. The rapper's manager said that she believes he was targetted for the lyrics in his music. 

Last year, the rapper's manager Queen told Alive11News that she believes the rapper's music is the reason he was targetted. "He has been targeted because of his songs. Because of his lyrics. Because of his faith," she said.