For the last few weeks now, the NBA has had family members in the Orlando bubble. Of course, their presence is being heavily monitored and when they attend the games, they are asked to social distance and not make too much noise. In fact, each team was sent a memo saying that if any of the family members got too rowdy, there would be some action taken against them.

After a few games without any incidents, last night brought forth some action as William Rondo, the brother of Rajon Rondo, got into it with Russell Westbrook after calling him "trash." Westbrook seemed pretty upset about the whole ordeal, and eventually, William was ejected from the game. Following the match, Rajon Rondo spoke to the media and offered a defense for his brother.

“He didn’t say anything crazy, raise his voice and cuss (Russ). He called the man ‘Trash.’ As players we get away with manipulating the game and manipulating the referees as if we are being attacked. I’ve done it in the past,” Rondo said.

Players are called trash all the time, except the only difference now is that it's pretty obvious who is yelling at you, especially with the gym being practically empty. Either way, it's clear the NBA is cracking down on any sort of rowdiness.