Two years on the internet is a very long time, so we’ll forgive you for not remembering who Rachel Dolezal is. As a refresher, she is an activist, former branch president of the NAACP and former university professor who was outed back in 2015 for pretending to be black (she’s 100% white). It was a weird story, and after being berated in the media for a few months, Dolezal slipped into post-viral obscurity. The Guardian caught up with her recently for an interview, and it was interesting to say the least.

In the interview, Dolezal says she has applied to over 100 jobs but has not been hired yet, and is currently subsisting on food stamps. Reportedly the only jobs she’s been offered are reality TV and porn. She can’t pay her rent and will likely be evicted next month. Ironically, her life has become the harshest version of reality for many (real) African-Americans. She even changed her name, but people still recognize her. Now, she’s preparing to publish a book on her convoluted story (it took her 30 publishers to get there though), which she says she has no regrets about. Go ahead and read the eye-opening story here.

Two years later, what are your thoughts on Rachel Dolezal?