Surviving R. Kelly has put an even bigger spotlight on the accusations against R. Kelly. The family of one of his alleged sex slave's has been fighting to get in contact with their daughter who they believe is being held against their will. However, they're now asking the singer to provide evidence that their daughter's relationship with the singer is consensual.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

Timothy Savage, Joycelyn's father, wants to speak to his daughter and once he does, it'll remove any of his doubts that his daughter is being held captive. According to The Blast, the law firm of Gerald Griggs, Timothy's legal representation, responded to Kellz' lawyer's comments on CBS regarding Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly, saying it is “trash TV. There’s no reason to watch the series.”

R. Kelly's lawyer, Steven Greenberg, claims that there hasn't been any sort of illegal acts committed on R. Kelly's behalf. "I think Mr. Kelly should live his life however he wants to live his life. He’s not breaking any laws. He’s not doing anything illegal. He’s not taking advantage of anybody," Greenberg said.

However, both Timothy Savage and Griggs suggest Kelly and his legal team haven't co-operated with their requests. â€œIt should be respectfully stated that we requested two of R. Kelly’s previous managers and two of R. Kelly’s previous attorneys for the Savage family to see Joycelyn," Griggs said.

“Why does it have to take two years and three attorneys to gain this inch?” the family said. â€œIf you want to show that this is a consensual relationship, allow Joycelyn to see her parents.”

They added that if they finally get to speak to Joycelyn, "That will remove all doubt whether the relationship is consensual or not."