The grand jury is in session, and they've steadily been hearing testimony from witnesses who paint an unfavorable picture of R. Kelly. There are investigations into Kelly in both Illinois and various districts in New York, and the singer and his attorneys are doing their best to prepare a defense. TMZ reports that on Wednesday, witnesses took to the stand to say that Kelly's entourage made arrangements for underaged girls to travel across state lines for the purpose of sexual intercourse. 

One person reportedly told the grand jury that members of Kelly's team paid people to not take the stand in his 2008 trial where he faced charges of child pornography. According to TMZ, Kelly alleged paid off the family of his purported victim in the 2008 case. Prosecutors tried convincing a jury that the girl in a sex tape was Kelly's goddaughter, but the jury didn't believe the accusations and Kelly was acquitted. The girls didn't testify at the trial.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Kelly's 2008 case is reportedly at the forefront of this grand jury testimony as the court attempts to navigate allegations of witness intimidation and threats of physical violence. Some have stated that at the time, witnesses were sent on vacations during the trial to keep them from testifying against the singer. 

Last week, one of Kelly's attorneys,  Raed Shalabi, told The Blast that despite it all, Kelly is optimistic that he will receive a fair trial. He said the court of public opinion may not be on his side, but Kelly reportedly has faith in the system