R. Kelly appears to be walking down the same path as Bill Cosby. The only difference is, the public has been knowledgeable about Kelly's sexual habits for decades at this point. The R&B and hip-hop idol's affinity for younger women and questionable sex practices have landed him in the news repeatedly. Now that millions of women across the country are speaking out against their aggressors' thanks to the strength of the #Metoo and #TimesUp movements, a day of reckoning seems to be knocking at Robert Kelly's door. 

According to TMZKelly has been hit with a lawsuit by a woman who claims the singer gave her herpes. Faith Rodgers filed the lawsuit in New York City, and she claims she met Kelly in 2017, when she was 19 years old. After months of remaining in contact, Rodgers says that Kelly flew her to New York for one of his concerts. He then forced himself on her in the hotel, and initiated both oral and vaginal sex. The young lady claims Kelly called the sex "abusive" and that he criticized her for not being good in bed. 

Despite the abuse, Rodgers claims that she and Kelly dated for about a year, in which time he mentally and physically abused her. A female assistant would stand guard outside of cars, studios, and rooms that Kelly would lock her in for punishment if she did not meet his sexual expectations. During the time they were together, Rodgers states that she contracted herpes from the singer. She is suing for sexual battery, false imprisonment, and failure to disclose an STD.