R. Kelly's still in the slammer and won't be getting out anytime soon unless Kanye West happens to make his way into the White House. Then, we might expect to see him outside but until that day comes, the judge is keeping him locked up. Over the past year and a half since he's been incarcerated, he's made several pleas to the judge to grant him bail.

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

His latest bid to get released was shot down, once again, with the judge deciding that the embattled singer was no longer in danger since his attacker has been transferred to another prison. The federal judge determined this was an isolated incident that can't occur again. Or at least, the guy that posed the threat is no longer in the picture so Kelly can at least feel a sense of relief that it can't be repeated.

In addition to shutting down Kelly, the judge also didn't cop Kelly's claim that the attacker told the doctor that attacking the singer was necessary to shine light on his own case. Apparently, the doctor didn't corroborate that story, after all. Now, if Kelly still has issues regarding the injuries he sustained, he's welcome to take it up in civil court. Nonetheless, the judge is currently siding with prosecutors on not releasing the singer on bail.