Snoop Dogg has gone through many transformations through out his lengthy career. That's bound to happen when you step foot in the game as a 21-year old, and you are now an adult in your mid-40s. As a young West Coast rapper under the wing of Dr. Dre, Snoop adopted a pretty a gangsta persona, or rather, he actually was a gangsta. However, as he grew up and evolved, his persona no longer reflected that gangster attitude we heard on the critically-acclaimed Doggystyle. If there's one thing that Snoop maintained throughout his career, it's his love for weed and his laid-back attitude. Perhaps it was all the weed that mellowed him out and turned him into a Rastafarian (at least for that one album, Reincarnated). Since shedding his reggae attitude, Snoop is now all about the funk, with his groovy album BUSH officially dropping in a week.

With the album stream out now, it got us to thinking of Snoop's many eras and transformations. If you are wondering which Snoop era you belong in, take the quiz below.

Which Snoop did you get?

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