Rome Fortune is as versatile as he is prolific. The rapper has collaborated with the likes of Dun Deal, Childish Major, Cito On The Beat, and most recently, Four Tet, proving his undeniable ear for left-field production, as well as his impressive adaptability on the mic.

The rapper was the latest guest on HNHH's "Quick5" interview series, in which he let us in on his collaborative process, as well as what he's got planned next.

Rome revealed that he's reunited with Atlanta producer Childish Major (who did a chunk of the beatwork on Beautiful Pimp) for a new record. "The last track I recorded was with Childish Major about two days ago in Atlanta," he said. "We did some crazy like R&B, club thumper type stuff. Slow, chill though."

He then named off a couple of other collaborators he's been in the lab with recently, "Jaques Greene is super tight," he shared. "A-Trak, Brenmar, the Thug joint was super tight, I really enjoy that record."

As far as what he looks for in his production, the rapper explained that it's all about how he feels at that particular moment. "It depends, it's like different moods you know what I mean?," he said. "If I'm really, really in my high energy shit, which I normally am when I'm out in L.A., then like Blood Diamonds is my favorite, because like, the energy is always high, it's never turned down. If I just want to get into musical.. and doing really different stuff, it would probably be Childish."

When asked about the possibility of a Beautiful Pimp 3, Rome explained he's considering making it his first studio album, but stressed that things could go in any direction at this point. "I was thinking maybe it might be the debut album, Beautiful Pimp 3,"he said, adding, "My music is really like an autobiography. Whether it be the Beautiful Pimp stuff where it was really turnt up, or Beautiful Pimp 2, which was really mood-driven. So I really just made music depending on where I am in life."

Watch the full interview below.