QuESt Talks About Come Up & Possibility Of Collabing With Logic

HNHH Staff
September 19, 2014 13:57

For those who have downloaded QuESt's new mixtape Searching Sylvan, then you already know a lot about the Florida-based MC, as he relayed a lot of personal stories and struggles through the tape. We got the Visionary rapper to stop by our office when he was in New York recently, where he expanded on some of the stories you heard on the tape (such as his dad and him getting evicted, having to go back home and live with his mom).
For those who have been following QuESt for awhile, you might recall we posted his Fear Not Failure tape two years ago. Speaking on the tape, QuESt admits he dropped it prematurely and did not get the reaction he wanted. Fear Not Failure was a complete left-turn, it was very electronic and very experimental, and I was going in a direction that I couldn't base my sound off. In retrospect I'm grateful that it didn't pop 'cause I learned so much from it," QuESt says.
So how did he connect with Visionary Music Group? The rapper says it started with Logic reaching out through the internet, and developed into what it is today. As for potentially collaborating with his VMG labelmate, QuESt says, "I think me and Logic..were homies, that's my dude, but were very much artists in the sense of being artists. Logic is in the studio 24/7...We're cool and we're great, but we're very much individual artists. I'm all about organic, I'm not about forcing anything especially when it comes to music and creativity. Even with this project I didn't have him on the album, but it was so personal that it just didn't feel right to have him on the album."
Watch the full video above, where QuESt speaks on his Florida roots and the rappers currently doing it for FL, the success of Searching Sylvan and much more.

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