Quentin Tarantino is clearly a man who values legacy. And why wouldn't he? The man has amassed arguably the greatest repertoire in cinematic history (though some might toss Fincher, Hitchcock, and Scorcese comfortably into the mix), and it's no surprise he values consistency across the board. Therefore, when he first began speaking on his potential involvement in a J.J. Abrams-penned Star Trek movie, some were quick to meet the news with cautious optimism. Others were wary of Tarantino attaching himself to a popular, yet stylistically niche franchise; suffice it to say, the responses were divided.

 Ian Gavan/Getty Images

It would appear that Tarantino himself is experiencing a similar internal struggle. A new report from Deadline quotes the director as having said “I might be steering away from it, but we’ll see. I haven’t completely decided, or talked to anyone involved. Nothing is official.” While that's not to say he's abandoned ship completely, suddenly a Tarantino-helmed Star Trek passion project feels closer to space opera than reality.

For those of you who call yourself cinephiles, would you be interested in watching a Star Trek movie directed by Quentin Tarantino? Or would you prefer to see him handle his own original stories and characters for his tenth, and possibly final film? After all, there have been increasing rumors surrounding Kill Bill 3, straight from the man himself...