While fans may wish things were different, a hard truth hovers over the record industry. Collaboration is not always easy. In fact, many barriers exist keeping rappers from working with one another, with contractual label obligations and heavy tour schedules proving irksome obstacles. Yet every so often, the Gods will smile upon us, and grant an unlikely collaboration the likes of which the world has never seen. Perhaps we're looking at one of those moments. During a recent impromptu Q&A of sorts, Quality Control CEO Pee fielded a series of fan questions, including one who inquired about a potential QC/TDE collaboration.

Rather than ruling it out completely, as one might have expected, Pee wasted little time in setting off some hype. "Coming soon," he confirms, sliding through with hip-hop's most bittersweet two words. He proceeds to shout out Top Dawg, writing "I love TDE movement" for good measure.

Despite the extensive roster of both labels, collaborations have been few and far between. The respect is there, however; both Takeoff and Lil Yachty have previously dubbed Kendrick Lamar among the greatest rappers of all time. It's difficult to say how and when this one will materialize. Perhaps it will be reserved for ScHoolboy Q's inevitable album, which has yet to surface. Peep the full Q&A below, which includes another interesting answer about Rich The Kid.