With the "Lunch Money" video dropping last week, anticipation for Pusha T's King Push is building as we head into the new year. Lucky for us, Push has just given us some more details on the project in an interview with Rolling Stone

Most importantly, we learned that he's planning on dropping the album in the Spring, and he added the following:

"Aw, man, I'm working on it feverishly. It’s amazing. I feel like the sound will be second to none. And of course you already know the raps will be smacking people all left and right. I’ve been working on it constantly. I dropped 'Lunch Money' to show how far out me and 'Ye are going to go, just sonically. Now, I feel like people don’t know where the hell I’m going to go on the next record. And that’s where I want them to be. 'Unorthodox' has become synonymous with Pusha T’s music, back to records like 'Grindin'.' Everybody’s gonna be really locked in and shocked to see how I’ve raised the level of musicality from My Name Is My Name to King Push."

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