Real Name
Scott Arceneaux Jr., Aristos Petrou
Alias Name
$crim, Ruby da Cherry
Date of Birth
Feb. 21, 1998 - Age 25
New Orleans, Louisiana
G*59 Records
$crim, Ruby da Cherry

Artist Bio

If you’re going to listen to the $uicideboy$, better make sure you keep a light on, unless you want to risk being haunted.

$uicideboy$ are a rap duo, $crim and Ruby da Cherry, who have become some of the most prolific Memphis-style horrorcore rappers of the modern era (though judging by their song “STOP CALLING US HORRORCORE” they might not appreciate that label). The two are cousins from New Orleans, and since then have been releasing a non-stop stream of music. That’s not exaggeration either; since 2014 the $uicideboy$ have worked on their KILL YOURSELF series, which as of now numbers at 20 EP’s released. This, in addition to several full-length projects, gives the $uicideboy$ a work ethic rivaled only by the likes of Lil B and Lil Wayne.

No need to feel intimidated by the number of songs, just the songs themselves. Most of them register at under two-and-a-half minutes, and pair Blair Witch production with purple-dripping dirty South delivery. If you’re brave enough, they’re worth checking out.

Photo Credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images