Sada Baby

Real Name
Casada Aaron Sorrell
Date of Birth
Nov. 17, 1992 - Age 31
Detroit, Michigan

Artist Bio

Sada Baby is one of the hottest trappers out of the Detroit scene right now, but the Michigan native was once but a small choir boy in his local church. He wanted to be a basketball player from a young age, but when his cousin Ashley started singing, Sada Baby was struck by her beautiful voice. “She had a unique voice I felt like,” said Sada Baby in an interview. “She was more in line of like an Erykah Badu - real soulful”. He went to her for feedback when he started singing, and while she thought he was decent, she told him he needed to work on his skill. As such, he was inspired by his family to take rapping seriously in 2013.

He didn’t go further than the local Michigan scene for a few years, winning rap competitions and releasing songs prolifically. All that changed with his breakout debut mixtape Skuba Sada in 2017 and his viral hit video with fellow Detroit rapper Drego titled “Bloxk Party” in 2018. After this blow-up, Sada Baby was signed to Asylum Records, under which he released his debut studio album Skuba Sada 2 in 2020.

Sada Baby’s music is emblematic of the Detroit sound: bouncy, fast, playful, and able to switch effortlessly between upbeat, fun flows and deadpan trap bangers. These elements characterize what is without a doubt his biggest hit: "Whole Lotta Choppas," which went viral on TikTok and got a remix from Nicki Mina in 2020. With three more mixtapes being dropped in the two years after Skuba Sada 2, it’s clear that Sada Baby’s work ethic is pretty intense.