Kaash Paige

Real Name
D'Kyla Paige Woolen
Date of Birth
Jan. 8, 2001 - Age 23
Dallas, Texas

Artist Bio

Before the ties to JAY-Z’s Roc Nation and collaborative efforts with Travis Scott, Kaash Paige remembers just being a nosy kid. Through the walls of her childhood home, she could hear an unusual rumbling coming from a closet. As time went on, she discovered these noises were the result of her father honing his craft as a music producer. What started as a private hobby of his, became a shared father-daughter passion for music, as he encouraged her to begin making her own pieces. Though she was hesitant at first, Paige became open to the idea when she witnessed her peers release music throughout high school. She found success quicker than most, as people not only sang her songs around campus, but record labels started showing interest within months of her graduating. 

Her versatile skills in both singing and rapping brought a unique opportunity for widespread public enjoyment from the get-go, with her hit 2018 R&B/Rap debut single, “Love Songs,” cracking both the US and Canadian charts. The single’s success caught the eye of Def Jam, who signed her and aided her in releasing her 2019 debut EP, Parked Car Convos. The album’s positive reception narrowly preceded her high-profile collaborations with 6lack, Don Toliver, and Travis Scott. These prominent ventures served aptly as previews for what would become her US-charting 2020 debut album, Teenage Fever. Her rapid success has granted her both fame and professional achievement, as she gleefully announced in 2020 that she had signed on to be managed by JAY-Z’s Roc Nation. 

Photo credit: Instagram