HNHH recently got together with Problem to film the visuals for his exclusive In The Booth track "Chachi's Revenge". We also got some footage of the rapper behind the scenes at the shoot, where he talked about the process behind the song and video.

Problem expressed that he had no idea the song would catch on the way it did. "It's crazy though," he said, "I had no intentions of doing the song longer," indicating that the short cut of the song he had originally recorded could have been the final version if the track had not taken off.

"We did it, me, and my homie Louie, just in the Bay, just doing a little blogging" he explained. "For it to end up on my tape, The Separation, and shooting this big video for it. Just lets you know my music's taking me far."

Watch the BTS of "Chachi's Revenge," as well as the official video courtesy of HNHH below.