At the top of the month, we reported on Post Malone's guest appearance on Ghost Adventures where the show's host said the "rockstar" artist handled his assignment at a haunted meat-packing plant/slaughterhouse in Tuscon, Arizona like a pro. 

Apparently, Post got really freaked out when he felt something grab the back of his neck and in a clip from the episode, we can see just how freaked out he was when cameras met him at his location where he was sweating profusely. Watch the clip below.

Post is no rookie when it comes to his television series appearances, back in 2017 he used his skills on Inside West Coast Customs to turn a $1,700 1992 Ford Explorer into a $75,000 ride, decked out to the nines. 

Aside from his series appearances, fans are really looking forward to his upcoming album Beerbong & Bentleys more than anything. His anticipated drop was supposed to be released on December 1st but when the clock hit midnight and fans never saw a project, Post tweeted a statement explaining the holdup.