Authorities in Peru have reportedly seized approximately $85 million worth of cocaine in Lima, most of it packaged with logos bearing the face and name of soccer superstar Lionel Messi.

According to ESPN,

"The logos are used to guarantee the purity of the drugs by the gangs who traffic them, the official said, as well as guaranteeing that drugs, which are packaged in bricks, remain sealed."

The Messi-branded coke was discovered wrapped in containers of squid filets destined for Belgium. In total, police seized 1,288 packages of blow weighing 1,417 kilos disguised as squid filets, some of which also featured a logo of the King of Spain.

This is the second major bust for Peruvian authorities this year; back in January they found 4,508 pounds of cocaine, worth an estimated $174 million on the streets, hidden in packages of asparagus destined for Amsterdam.