Pokemon Quest is taking over as the new must-have game based around the anime pocket monsters.  Unlike Pokemon GO, gamers who play Quest do not have to leave their homes to battle and enjoy the game. The game was originally released for the Nintendo Switch, but has since been ported to Android and iOS as well. Although the game is free-to-play, Pokemon Quest made an impressive $3 million within its first week of launch. "Free" games, such as Fortnite, have micro-transactions in-game that keep players spending much more than they would have on a completed game (we miss the 90's). Pokemon Quest does add an interesting twist to the series, as it requires gamers to cook recipes from items found in the game to attract different Pokemon. 

According to Gamespotthe Pokemon Company has announced that their latest game has passed 7.5 million downloads. That number was reached with the help of 1 million downloads in its first two days alone on the Nintendo Switch. As companies continue to make millions off of free-to-play games, expect the market to be saturated with more titles of that type in the coming years. At the moment, Fortnite is the most popular free-to-play game, and has become a cultural phenomenon.