The latest Pokemon game to hit mobile has already become a sensation. It may not be as popular as Pokemon GO, but Pokemon Quest is a new game based around the familiar pocket monsters. The graphics are reminiscent of Minecraft, with both the environment and the Pokemon being made out of cubes. For players to catch the blocky Pokemon, they must concoct recipes made from different ingredients that can be found around the game. For example, making Sludge Soup can attract Bulbasaur and Ekans, while Honey Nectar can attract Caterpie or Pinsir. Players can then battle other Pokemon with their collection. 

According to a report by Sensor Tower, Pokémon Quest has earned $3 million in global player spending during its first week on the App Store and Google Play. The free-to-start game has been downloaded 3.5 million times since it launched. Apple users are responsible for 56 percent of the downloads, while Droid users complete the remaining 44 percent. The most Pokémon Quest players reside in Japan, which is responsible for 31 percent of sales. The US comes in a close second with 25 percent of sales. South Korea ranks third with 12 percent. Pokémon Quest launched on Nintendo Switch in May, then on mobile platforms on June 27.