Though some balked at the notion of mumble rapper extraordinaire Playboi Carti having longevity, damned if the avant-garde Bizzaro artist didn't prove em' all wrong. It's only been a few years since he dropped off his Playboi Carti mixtape in 2017, which featured his breakout hit and anthem of the year contender "Magnolia," and the strange and minimalist effort continues to bring in heavy numbers. So much so that Carti has officially secured himself a nice shiny platinum plaque for his efforts.

Playboi Carti Platinum

According to the RIAA, Playboi Carti has turned in over one million sales in album-equivalent units, which makes it his first full-length body of work to do so. It's likely the aforementioned "Magnolia" played a role -- it currently sits at 3X platinum -- as well as some of the album's other singles like the gold-certified "New Choppa" and the 2X platinum-certified "wokeuplikethis" featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

Given the cult-like popularity of Playboi Carti himself, it was only a matter of time before he was rewarded for his efforts. Given that his sophomore album Die Lit is currently gold, it's likely that the acclaimed project will upgrade before long. Clearly, the man has proven himself to have serious staying power, even if his flagrant pronunciation habits continue to leave purists in a shambolic state. Congratulations to Young Carti, and may his latest plaque shine ever so brightly on his walls. Can't wait for Whole Lotta Red.