Playboi Carti's password must be "PlayboiCarti123" or something because this man's music just keeps on getting leaked.

It's been a recurring issue for the Atlanta-based talent for years and, once again, one of his unreleased records has surfaced online. This time, a song tentatively called "Medusa" is taking the internet by storm, convincing fans of the rapper that we're witnessing him in his prime. Following the release of Whole Lotta Red last year, as well as Carti's features on Kanye West's album DONDA, it's become clear that the unmatched artist has found a nice pocket for himself, influencing a new subgenre of rap by going crazy over an abundance of rage beats. With the release of Narcissist coming soon (hopefully), fans have been listening to the "Medusa" leak to get an eye into what they can possibly expect when the album does arrive.

Gary Miller/Getty Images

The new song sounds like it could have been made at the same time as Whole Lotta Red but according to the leak community, it was recorded this year. Unfortunately though, because this ended up seeing the light of day prior to its official release, it's likely that it will either be pushed back or shelved entirely. 

In the past, Playboi Carti leaks have taken over social media, popping up on every other TikTok video that you scroll past. It looks as though that won't be changing anytime soon.

For copyright reasons, we can't share the leak (it's pretty easy to find though). Check out some reactions below.