Detroit Pistons guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was arrested for DUI early Wednesday morning in Auburn Hill, Michigan just hours after scoring 25 points in a 97-96 loss to the Miami Heat.

According to TMZ Sports, the 24-year old guard was initially pulled over for going 45 mph in a 25 mph zone but cops could smell the alcohol on his breathe, so KCP admitted to having two drinks of Hennessey at a bar.

Officers issued a field sobriety test and ultimately arrested Caldwell-Pope for DUI after he had trouble with the alphabet test and missed one number counting backward from 86 to 69.

Per the Detroit Free Press,

He "lacked “smooth pursuit in both eyes on both passes of (a) stimulus” device; when asked to perform nine heel-to-toe steps, turn and perform nine more, he “did not walk heel-to-toe on multiple steps” and “stopped during the evaluation and restarted;” and he “did not elevate his foot” properly and miscounted while standing on one leg."

He took a breathalyzer on the scene and blew a 0.098 and later blew a .08 at the police station. In Michigan, one must blow below a .08 to drive legally.