This weekend, the Detroit Pistons had to travel to the West coast to make their point once and for all. Sunday night, a day after defeating the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center, the Pistons overcame a deficit of 14 points to defeat the reigning NBA champions with a victory of 115-107 against the Golden State Warriors, strengthening their record to 5-2, and 2-0 out west, and bumping them to the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

In a game that saw Detroit and Golden State neck-and-neck at almost all times, it’d be the Pistons’ Tobias Harris who would step it up toward the game’s end to bring about a victory, sinking a couple of clutch three-pointers as the clock ran out in the fourth, further widening the gap between the two teams. Key players for the Pistons went on to include guards Avery Bradley and Reggie Jackson, who racked up 23 and 22 points, respectively, playing their parts in keeping Detroit on the board.

Noticeably left behind on the bench for the second straight game was rookie Luke Kennard, a point of contention for some fans when it comes to coach Stan van Gundy, but clearly not a fatal one decision judging by the team’s success thus far. This now marks golden State’s second loss at home since the season’s start.

"It just has to matter enough. Right now, it just doesn't seem to matter,” said Coach Steve Kerr. “Our guys are lacking in energy and focus and discipline. We finally started caring with six minutes left when we were threatened, and we immediately cut it to three because we cared. But the right team won, karma was in the right place tonight."

Next up, Detroit will round out its voyage with a bout against the Los Angeles Lakers Halloween night at Staples Center. Before then, check out Twitter’s top reactions to Sunday’s explosive matchup.