Sometimes Pi'erre comes out here whether you like it or not. The producer has developed a reputation for being as opinionated as he is talented; suffice it to say, the man speaks his mind when slighted. Case in point, the mind behind Playboi Carti's finest instrumentals recently took to Twitter to air out a grievance of sorts, which was captured by a user at r/hiphopheads for the world to see. Evidently, it would appear that Pi'erre took issue with being un-credited for his work on Kanye West's Ye, particularly on the song "Yikes." 

When Co-Producer Apex Martin tweeted about the song, dubbing it "produced by Ye Mike Dean & Apex Martin," Pi'erre replied with some effective emoji-based shade. The tears-of-joy emoji says it all really. Sheer incredulity at the situation. Clearly, Bourne contributions to the track went underappreciated; we already know the man was present during the Wyoming sessions, and it stands to reason that he did more than play the yes man. Peep his since deleted reaction here, as captured by the watchful eye of Reddit:

Naturally, the tweet went on to prompt some change for the better, as Pi'erre later issued an update on the situation. "Credits getting updated," he confirms. "Don't trip everybody, I'm happy to be a part of some shit that I've always dreamt about." Clearly, it's all love. Yet don't get it twisted; Pi'erre remains an advocate for the "can all producers please get paid" movement, and for good reason. Strangely enough, it was previously mentioned that Drake had also contributed to the "Yikes" chorus, and was also un-credited. Strange days.