Back in 2012, Machine Gun Kelly posed for a mock-mugshot photo, which was to be used on a limited pressing of t-shirts for clothing brand Black Apple. Everything went according to plan, until the photo started showing up on cheap knock offs without the photographers permission.

A new lawsuit actually accuses MGK's manager, Byron Kirkland of being the culprit behind the unlicensed tees. According to Dario Calmese (the photog filing the suit), the image was sent Kirkland for final approval, but he believes that the manager then began using the picture for his own profit, taking it to online stores such as Spencer's Gifts and Live Nation Worldwide.

Calmese did not give permission for the mugshot to be used, nor was he compensated for sales of the new run of shirts. The photographer is asking that the production be halted, and that he be paid his due from the knock offs.