Pete Davidson made his long-awaited return to SNL last night. To kick off the show, host David Harbour, known for his role as Hopper in Stranger Things, used his monologue to step into the "upside-down" backstage. After running across a number of other cast members, Harbour finds Davidson who's apparently been hanging out in the upside-down all these weeks. "It's lit right?" Davidson says to Harbour. It's a quick moment, but Davidson returns later in the show as well.

During the "Weekend Update" portion of the show, Davidson is brought in to comment on the rise in STD rates caused by dating apps. Davidson comically downplays the negatives of STD's throughout the bit. "Does everything in my generation have to be a reboot? The clap and Rambo came back in the same year," he jokes. 

Davidson ends his appearance by referencing Colin Jost's joke about Davidson from last week saying, "I heard your joke about me last week... calling me that guy who lost his car at a music festival for a week, which I looked up. It was not me. And by the way Colin, I don't know if you've seen Joker, but I think you should start being way nicer to me."