Richard Pryor's former bodyguard dropped a bomb yesterday when he alleged that comedian and friend of the late comedian, Paul Mooney, slept with Richard Pryor Jr. Rashon Khahn made the allegations in an interview with Comedy Hype during a promo run for his book Everything Isn't Funny. Now, Mooney and Pryor were close friends with the former even helping co-write some of the late comic's material. But Khahn claimed that Mooney's alleged violation of Pryor's son is why their relationship ended. 

"Their relationship became fragile because Paul Mooney has f*cked Richard’s son by that time," he said. "He violated. Paul took advantage of the situation. There was a time where Paul Mooney was Richard’s friend. So when Paul did what he did it was a violation of friendship first, then ‘my son’. And in some circles that would be dealt with.”

What was even more shocking in the interview was the Khahn's claim that Pryor put a million dollars on Mooney's head after he allegedly sexually assaulted Pryor's son who was a "little boy" when it allegedly happened. Khahn initially thought Pryor was just high but a week later, the late comedian revealed what allegedly went down between Pryor Jr. and Mooney. 

Since the allegations emerged, Mooney's publicist said that "there is no validity to Rashon Kahn's statement as it relates to Mr. Paul Mooney." However, Pryor's widow said otherwise. "TRUE-RP jr. confirmed this at the luncheon I gave after Richard's funeral service--he announced it to the entire restaurant full of guests! I have it on tape," Jennifer Lee Pryor wrote on Twitter.