The latest in free agency news is that Paul George won’t be leaving behind the Oklahoma City Thunder squad this year.

According to sources, and a clip floating around the Internet, George made the announcement while at a house party at teammate Russell Westbrook’s home declaring, “If y’all didn’t quite get it, let me say it again, I’m here to stay.”

The general assumption was that George would be sitting down with the Lakers to plan out a future with the Los Angeles team, so his decision to stay locked down with the Thunder naturally came as a shock.

Last year, PG was traded to the team after informing the Pacers that he would not be re-signing with them in order to join the Lakers in his hometown in light of his free agency. Lakers fans were holding onto hope that his return to his hometown would mark a new era for the franchise, with many singing his praises before anything was set in stone. Now, Lakers’ hopefuls are singing a different tune on Twitter, with the dialogue hilariously falling along the lines of disappointment and excommunication from the Palmdale native. Catch some of the best that the social app had to offer down below.