Paul George garnered a ton of criticism in the playoffs this past season as his Los Angeles Clippers blew a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets. Since then, it has been reported that George's teammates were quite annoyed with the Clippers star and that he was a difficult person to play with.

These reports are now being supported by Fox reporter Jason McIntyre who says a source close to the Clippers told him about how players on the team were not kind to PG in the exit interviews. During this time, he was criticized for his effort as well as his ability to play with others. In fact, McIntyre's source suggested that George could even be traded to a team like the Brooklyn Nets, who have expressed interest in acquiring a third superstar.

"I've heard, at the exit interviews, Paul George didn't get 'rave reviews' from his teammates. My person would not be shocked if Paul George was shipped out of town," McIntyre said.

While a Paul George trade seems pretty unlikely, it's clear the Clippers are surrounded by dysfunction. Doc Rivers was let go this past week and now, it remains to be seen how they will move forward.

Hopefully, Clippers fans will have something to cheer about, sooner rather than later.