America is experiencing an epidemic of epic proportions, as opioids have infiltrated nearly every community throughout the nation. Overdoses have risen nearly 30% according to new reports, which indicates that they crisis is only gaining in momentum with each passing year. Nearly 300,000 Americans have died from opioid misuse, which can now count fentanyl as the lethal agent involved in this ceaseless phenomenon.

Clearly the OxyContin business has remained prosperous throughout these troubling times, as it has been revealed that the heir to the pharmaceutical company's vast fortune, David Sackler, has purchased a ridiculously expensive mansion in Bel-Air to the tune of $22.5 million. 

Sackler, whose dad and uncles own Purdue Pharma, which produces the highly effective/addictive drug, has scored himself a 4-acre property that includes a long, private driveway leading up to the 10,000 square-foot mansion. 

The piece of real estate was created sometime in the 1980s, and comes equipped with a 2-storey atrium, a separate media and game room, as well as an in-home gym. The heir will also have access to a tennis court, pool and adjoining pavilion. Josh Altman from the hit series Million Dollar Listings represented Sackler, whose family fortune is estimated to be around $13 billion. 

Peep photos of the mansion here