When internet personalities Caleon Fox, Jay Versace, Junebug and Malcolm Minikon released their cheerful dance video now dubbed the #OptimisticChallenge, everyone knew they now had a new viral challenge to put their own spin on. And with the added hype of Chance The Rapper's rendition, the #OptimisticChallenge is exploding and we thought it would be a good idea to compile some of the standout videos to celebrate this glorious, feel-good viral challenge.

 First, we'll kick things off with the original videos because these guys killed it. You can literally watch Caleon Fox and Jay Versace get down again and again and also, Chance The Rapper and Kyle do their thing in their video too.

Additionally, anyone can get involved with the challenge as @jessicasykosis submission shows.

It's also fun to see other artists put their spin on the challenge as Compton's resident crooner Buddy did with his video. Also, my man has mad shoulder-work skills!

Some of these are just flat out funny like this one from Instagram user @_salivatore_. It also looks like this kid has several dance videos that are just as hilarious as this one too.

And last, but certainly not least, we will leave you with what is most likely the cutest example of the #OptimisticChallenge via the video provided by a class of 5th graders at St. Marys Academy. Watch this video with precaution as it can invoke warm and fuzzy feelings.