Shaquem Griffin doesn't want to be remembered as a feel good story. The esteemed linebacker for University of Central Florida is now entering the pros against everyone's expectations. Shaquem had his left hand amputated at the age of 4, due to a congenital disorder. That didn't stop him from playing association football all his life. To make matters more interesting, it's the Seattle Seahawks who came-a-calling with the 141st overall pick in the draft, reuniting him with his twin brother Shaquill, a starting cornerback on the roster. Shaquem's extra year of college saw him play a significant role in UCF's National Championship run. 

His brother Shaquill will be first person to shout it from the rooftops. He could barely hold his tears this afternoon after hearing his brother's name called: "I couldn't hold it. I just couldn't hold it. I'm excited, and I'm glad we made that choice and we're bringing my brother back home." A day before the decision was made by Seattle's front office, Shaquem celebrated yet another triumph in his short career, putting pen to paper on an endorsement deal with the apparel kingpins. The image of brothers leaving their posts to take down a stampeding running back is poetry in motion.