Omarion's attempt at a come back continues, with the announcement of his new album title, which will be his first LP since signing with MMG.

The r'n'b singer is working on his fourth solo album, and he has revealed that the title is  Love & Other Drugs, which shares its name with the 2012 romantic-comedy featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

Omarion spoke to VIBE about the MMG debut, and says he's confirmed Jhene Aiko for the project. "I've matured and experienced older women, experienced certain things in love and to life," Omarion explained. "It's like I'm speaking differently. Speaking from more of an honest place where I've actually experienced [things]. Because when men go through something with a woman it'll change your whole point of view. It'll make you poetic and all kinds of shit."

Omarion also made an appearance on The Breakfast Club this morning, check out that below.