Antonio Brown has been in the news quite a bit lately thanks to his antics with the Oakland Raiders. Once Brown joined the New England Patriots, it seemed as though everything would quiet down and he would begin focusing on playing football this season. Well, things have gotten considerably worse for Brown as he was accused of rape recently. These are allegations one cannot take lightly and there is a possibility it could lead to a suspension, which would put a dent in AB's season.

One man who is no stranger to allegations and legal battles is, yes, you guessed it, OJ Simpson. Simpson has been seen as a Fantasy Football guru of sorts and likes to take to Twitter where he gives updates on his fantasy team. Of course, Simpson has Brown on his fantasy team and has been quite upset about all of his antics since they're affecting his team. In the aftermath of the allegations against Brown, Simpson took to Twitter again, this time to give Brown the benefit of the doubt, while decrying how this will impact his fantasy season.

As OJ said in the video, he doesn't think Brown is the type of person to do what he's being accused of and that for now, these are just allegations. Simpson doesn't want to see Brown get killed in the media like so many players before him. Instead, he would rather see justice carried out before we make any brash assumptions.

Simpson certainly has experience in this realm so Brown would be best served by taking his advice.