In the last 24 hours, rumors that OG Maco suffers from HIV or AIDS have spread across the internet. This afternoon, Maco released a statement via Instagram denying that he is living with any sort of "degenerative or deadly diseases."

Despite the vicious rumors, I am in fine health and have no degenerative or deadly diseases," he wrote. "My best holiday wishes to the person spreading this irresponsible and cruel rumor throughout social media, but know we are unmoved and will not falter in the face [of] such cowardly and underhanded tactics.”

Gossip site Baller Alert ran a story Tuesday night titled “Which Rapper Is Deathly Ill & Refusing Medication?” The article pointed to a recorded 9-minute phone call in which a man confesses to a female friend that he has contracted HIV. Baller Alert asserted the the rapper hailed from Atlanta.

One Reddit user hypothesized that the man in question was OG Maco, pointing to several shreds of evidence, namely the similarity between the man's voice and Maco's voice and a tweet Maco posted the day after the call was uploaded that reads, “This hoe must have a death wish.”

However intriguing the Redditor's hypothesis, evidence that Maco is suffering from HIV or AIDS remains thin. Read Maco's statement below.