While everyone was getting dressed down in their flyest fits for The Met Gala, the evening didn't end on the best note for Offset. The rapper's $150K chain was reportedly lifted from his hotel room. However, the rapper went on to deny the story and referred to it as "fake news." The chain is in his possession now as he's been seen wearing it on several occasions. Clearly, there isn't any more reason to investigate the alleged robbery and NYPD have reportedly closed the case.

According to TMZ, the NYPD have put an end to their grand larceny investigation into Offset's chain. Police say they saw the video of Offset wearing the chain and that was enough for them to close the case. The report says police believe the chain was returned back to Offset. 

A week after the reports of the chain robbery, Offset cleared things up online. He was wearing the chain on his neck and said, "Still got my shit. Come on, ya'll know better than that." It's unclear if the chain was even robbed in the first place. The rapper denied having his chain taken although it was someone from his camp that filed the police report over the theft.

Police say they didn't ID any suspects, nor were any arrests made in connection to the alleged robbery.